Kittitas County Fair
kittitas county fair

Kittitas County Fair
Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend - A good old fashion county fair

August 30 – September 3, 2018

Kittitas County Fair
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Fair 101 - How to Enter

Welcome to the Fair entry process. We encourage all Kittitas County Residents to take the opportunity to display their talents and skills with Agricultural, Home Arts and Fine Arts projects created in the last two years. Bring your exhibits to Fair, win ribbons and premium dollars.


June 23 through August 15.

In person,
at the Fair Office:

August 1-15.

LATE Entries
(after August 15, 5:00 pm)

  • Subject to a $3.00 late fee
  • May be made on line August 16 - 18
  • May be made in Fair Office August 16—25
  • Require approval from Fair Director of the Department, August 22- 25.

Browse through the website and the Exhibitor’s Guide, and decide how you would like to participate. Please download, print and READ all the rules and forms that pertain to your entry BEFORE starting the on-line entry process.


Download additional forms below.

2017 K.C. Fair Exhibitor Hold Harmless Waiver is REQUIRED if you exhibit Livestock, Horse, Small Animals, or participate in Shooting Sports.

Horse exhibitors are REQUIRED to submit a signed 2017 K.C. Fair Exhibitor Horse Barn Rules, and 4-H Exhibitors must choose Top 5.

Poultry exhibitors are REQUIRED submit a signed 2017 K.C. Fair Exhibitor Poultry PT Test form.

Forms require signatures. All forms must be received at the Fair Office prior to bringing your animal entry to Fair.

Forms may be dropped off at the office, or you can download, print, sign and scan the forms, and email them to

Forms are NOT available through the ON-LINE ENTRY SYSTEM. Bookmark this page or print the forms now.

Are you ready to proceed to the ON-LINE ENTRY SYSTEM? Great! Keep reading...

Working from your completed ENTRY FORM, proceed to the ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM (Showorks) which will be available for entries starting June 9, 2017.

  • Once in the Showorks system, click on the button in the upper right to open your registration.
  • Begin registration by entering your first and last name as a new or returning (from 2016) exhibitor. Continue to next page.
  • Fill in all the required information fields, and confirm your information is correct. Continue to next page
  • Proceed to entry choice menu, select one at a time.
  • Select Department (ex: Dept 2 – Draft Horses)
  • Select Division (ex: Div 02-A, Percheron)
  • Select Class (ex: Class 01 – Colt, under 1 yr)
  • Fill in all required information for each entry.
  • Additional information will be requested during the process. Refer to the Exhibitor’s Guide & Department List for specific rules and additional information.
  • When finished adding entries, continue. Review entries. Fees are automatically applied. Confirm that they are accurate.
  • You may add more entries from other Departments, Save This Cart to add more entries later, empty the cart if you want to go back and start over, or advance to Checkout.
  • Acceptance of Terms: All exhibitors must agree to abide by all terms, rules and regulations at checkout. Fill in YES and click Submit.

Payment process:
All on-line entries must be paid on-line at time of submitting entry registration.

Entries made in person at the Fair Office after August 1 may be paid at that time with cash, credit card or check.

Print and bring a copy of your online Entry Receipt Summary with your entries during their designated drop-off times. Your Exhibitor’s Pass voucher, if purchased, will be available at that time. See Entries & Exhibits Calendar.

For assistance with Departmental questions please contact the Superintendent.

If you have any questions about the entry system after reading and following all instructions, check the FAQ page. Then, if you still don’t have an answer, please contact:

Kittitas County Fair Office or 509-962-7639


Your Entry Receipt Summary will be emailed to you. PRINT A COPY, and BRING IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU DELIVER YOUR ENTRY (ITEMS) TO THE FAIRGROUNDS. This is your entry form, registration, fee list and receipt.

kittitas county fair kittitas county fair